December 10, 2018


1. To develop a shared understanding of SDG4-Education 2030 aspirations and commitments and to examine their implications for E-9 countries.

  • In what way does the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development encourage a revisiting of the purpose of education and its contribution to the various dimensions of development?
  • What are the key features and commitments of SDG4-Education 2030 and their implications for national education legislation, policy, planning, financing, management, coordination, and monitoring in the E-9 countries?
  • What part of the unfinished EFA 2015 agenda needs to remain a focus as we look ahead to 2030? What are the lessons learnt from the EFA and MDG experience?

2. To review the measures taken by each of the E-9 countries to align national education development efforts with SDG4 aspirations and commitments.

  • What actions are underway to better align national education development efforts with SDG4-Education 2030 targets and commitments?
  • What specific measures are being taken to enhance integrated policy and planning both vertically between levels of educational decision-making, as well as horizontally between the education sector and other development sectors?
  • How can national education evaluation and assessment systems be improved to monitor efforts to enhance the quality and relevance, and to ensure a more equitable social distribution of learning outcomes?

3. To agree on modalities for strengthened cooperation and partnerships between E-9 countries around common priorities:

  • How can the E-9 network contribute better to education progress within the partner countries and globally, e.g. through peer learning and joint work of common interest?
  • To what extent can the main education challenges of the E-9 group be addressed through cooperation and partnership within the group?
  • How can efforts to achieve SDG4 in E-9 countries be financed?
  • How can these efforts contribute to the wider Education 2030 coordination mechanisms at both regional and global levels, including in relation to the role of E-9 representative in the SDG4-Education 2030 Steering Committee?

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